Best hotel jobs in Canada

Best hotel jobs in Canada

We all wish to turn this world into a lot better place. Everyone has different criteria and options to choose from when it comes to their career. One doesn’t need to be a charitable person to impart a great influence on the world in fact if you wish to make the lives of people easier and handy hospitality jobs are a great option. Hospitality jobs are considered highly respectable jobs and they pay us well.

There are over more than 16 billion [people enrolled in hospitality jobs or careers and they paid pretty well.

When we plan to visit a leisurely spot and book a hotel for our stay we are mostly unsure of the fact that our trip is made welcoming and warm by the ultimate efforts of the hospitality staff. It is their hard work that makes our trip enjoyable and relaxing. However, in this article, we are jotting down the best hotel jobs in Canada to aid those who are ready to step into the career world of hospitality.

Best hotel jobs in Canada

Here are some of the best options to look for in Canada

Director of housekeeping

 The main role of the head of housekeeping is to make sure that all the housekeeping prerequisites are met and all the standards of care are under control and taken care of as well. The director of housekeeping handles a team of room attendants who are given certain cleaning tasks and allotted different rooms for cleaning and room services. The director of housekeeping is also given the ultimate authority to draw a budget for cleaning supplies and tools. If one has housekeeping experience previously then the chances of getting the boss/director housekeeping job become pretty evitable.

Executive casino host 

The main job of an executive casino host is to develop and build a relationship with the customers coming in and out of the casino. An executive casino host is supposed to greet all the guests on the casino floor and make sure that they tend to attract customers who can help a lot to raise the profit of the casino. Customer service experience is highly recommended for this job as communication skills are deemed necessary to spice things up when it comes to attracting high-score players to the casino. To apply for this job a bachelor’s degree with 5 years of customer service experience is important.  

Executive chef 

Another amazing job that pays well and is highly respected as well is the job of an executive chef. An executive chef is supposed to manage the entire kitchen of a casino, hotel, restaurant, or cruise ship. An executive chef makes menus for the place to attract customers coming over and over again. An executive chef makes sure the staff working under him/her is managing the overall taste and hygiene of the food. To become an executive chef, one does not need to have a bachelor’s job but rather 4-6 years of kitchen handling experience is required to work or apply for the job.

Executive Pastry chef 

Just like an executive chef another highly respectable job to opt for is the position of an executive pastry chef. A pastry chef is given the responsibility to handle the pastry department of a casino, restaurant, or bakery. They are given the right to select different pastry chefs to work according to them. An executive pastry chef makes sure that all the pastry ingredients are available all the time and that the overall hygiene of the pastry department is maintained.

Flight attendant 

The flight attendant job is considered a dream job for many around the world. Being a flight attendant is a gender-biased job but holds great importance especially when it comes to responsibility. A flight attendant job main concern is to ensure great safety protocols for the flight and the passengers. A flight attendant is also given the responsibility to serve food to all the passengers with ease. A flight attendant must also answer all the passengers’ queries. A flight attendant job is a pretty hard job as traveling is on the cards all the time. But this job is considered the best job in Canada as it pays well and gives a lot of respect as well.

Hotel manager

When we visit any hotel or restaurant the main person in charge who looks after all the hotel-related business is none other than the hotel manager. A hotel manager supervises all the staff working in the hotel. He ensures that all standards of hotel care are met on time. The hotel manager also keeps a check over the guest’s coming in and out time. To work as a hotel manager a bachelor’s degree and 5 plus years of experience is a must.

Event manager 

Most of the time offices or businesses plan large-scale events for their colleagues. To make things work out easily they hire event managers who are given the task to organize the entire event in a hassle-free way. An event manager selects the overall theme, venue, and menu for the entire event. To work as an event manager communication skills and a high school diploma is required.

Food and beverage director

The food and beverage director has to work under different scenarios. Their job is similar to executive chefs but the food director has to ensure the quality and quantity of food at airports, restaurants, casinos, schools, etc. To work as a food director communication skills and the ability to direct the quality of food is very important hence a bachelor’s or diploma degree is very important.

Restaurant general manager

Another good option in the hospitality category is to work as a general manager at a restaurant. A restaurant general manager has to ensure food quality, processing, and other operational duties. To work as a restaurant general manager previous hotel or restaurant experience is very important and is a must.

Wrap up!

All the above-mentioned jobs are highly paid in Canada and are given due respect as well. You can apply through several job portals to hop on to the best hotel job in Canada.