Working visa jobs in Canada


Canada is considered one of the most highly developed countries around the globe. It has a lot to offer in terms of career, opportunities to earn, and a good lifestyle for the entire family. Due to tremendous opportunities foreigners around the world are trying their best to visit and settle down in Canada. To work in Canada we all require a work permit which enables us to find ourselves an employer or to hop into a job and sign a work contract. Even the Canadian government is well aware of the situation and is putting forward different ideologies and ways to support the work permit process for foreigners entering Canada.

Canada offers around 70 million+ immigrant options that are designed to support the genius and talented immigrants who are eager to work in Canada.

What does a Canadian work permit or work visa show?

To know about the different types of working visas Canada has to offer we must also know what exactly a work permit shows.

  • It will initially mention the name of the employer for whom you will be working
  • Second, it will describe the type of work visa under which you have come to Canada
  • Thirdly, it will mention the location and
  • Lastly, it will mention the time interval during which you can stay and work in the country on a legal basis

We often get confused with the variety or types of working visas. Depending on your profession and the reason for which you are coming or traveling to the country describe the type of working visa you have. A whole lot of paperwork or online process has to be done to get the desired working visa. But once you get it you can easily work in the state of Canada.

The types of work permits Canada has in store for foreigners

There are two types of working visas Canada has to offer. But depending on your profession and occupation you can rely upon either of the mentioned working visas.

  • Open work permit and
  • Employer-specific work permit
  • What is an open work permit?

An open working visa is offered by the office of immigrants to foreigners who wish to work in Canada. Open working visa is further subdivided into restricted visa and unrestricted visa as well.

As the name says, the unrestricted working visa allows the immigrants to work under any location and occupation but in the case of a restricted visa things are different. You are allowed to work for a certain job only but it gives you the ultimate freedom of movement in the country.

Certain programs support the open working visa process. Here are a few mentioned for your ease.

  • World youth program
  • Temporary work visa for spouse
  • Regular open work visa
  • Atlantic immigration pilot working visa
  • Post-graduation work visa
  • Birding open work visa

Apart from this, some more programs make use of open work visas as well.

  • Young professional visa
  • Working holiday visa
  • Federal skilled worker open visa
  • Canadian experience class
  • What is a bridging open work permit?

It is a type of visa that allows the foreigner to reside in Canada even though the foreigner is waiting for their permanent work visa to come to Canada. You can apply for a bridging visa under a federal skilled trade visa, Canadian experience class, and provincial nomination programs.

To opt for this visa you must be within the state of Canada to achieve this visa or if you are waiting for your permanent visa you can still apply for it.

What is Canada temporary work visa?

This temporary work visa follows two processes as it is a combination of a temporary resident visa and also a work visa. It allows the foreigner to stay in the state for not more than 6 months and it allows you to get the desired job you are looking for. Whatever type you have your work visa will eventually expire after months or a year. This explains the fact that once the visa expires you can either renew it or return home back. Not to forget that you can stay in Canada over a temporary visa with extensions for about 4 years maximum. But this rule is not applicable FOR EVERY COUNTRY/.

Who needs a temporary visa?

If you are planning to earn and settle down in Canada to earn a better way of life temporary visa is a good option. The following intentions must be in mind to opt for a work visa.

  • You are here to work under an employer and earn a salary
  • Salary will be given by the company under which you are working
  • The salary or pay you get will be submitted into the bank account you open in Canada.

Types of working visa jobs

Visa consultant

A visa consultant is the one who plans the relocation process of the person applying. They determine a pathway for international people who want to visit. Once the visa process is done they schedule interviews for the clients and make sure the documents given are precise.

Visa Assistant

They act as partial decision-making processors in the immigration office. They keep a check over the documents given and check their authenticity as well.

Visa administrator officer

They also start and check with the initial reporting of the visa process. They with visa consultants check the interview dates and schedule accordingly.

How to apply?

If you have open work visa then once you are in Canada you can change jobs easily but with an employer-specific visa, you are dedicated to working under the same company that provided you with the visa. However, if you are looking to apply for a foreign-based visa it is best to apply the process through your home country as it makes things easier.

Many portals and websites help immigrants to find suitable visa type that matches their immigrant profile. You can now easily apply for jobs and visas through online searches as well.