How to start freelancing


How to start freelancing?

Freelancing is a great practice to earn money from home. Most computer scientists and researchers do freelancing and earn their dreams. However, it requires careful training. The following are the suggestions to build your career in freelancing.

Choose your niche:

In freelancing it is very important to choose perfect niche in which you are master. Decide on the type of work you want to do and the industry you want to work in. This could be writing, web development, graphic design, or any other skill you have.

Build your portfolio:

Portfolio is the showcase in your freelancing profile. Develop a portfolio of work samples to showcase your skills and experience. This could be a website or a social media profile that highlights your best work.

Determine your rates:

Rates are important in freelancing. Research what other freelancers in your niche are charging and determine a competitive rate. Be sure to consider your experience and skill level.

Create a business plan:

Decide on your business structure, set goals for yourself, and plan out how you will market your services.

Find clients:

Reach out to potential clients through networking, social media, job boards, and other online platforms. Be sure to have a professional email and website to direct clients to.

Deliver high-quality work:

Once you have secured clients, make sure to communicate clearly and deliver work that meets or exceeds their expectations. This will help you build a reputation and lead to more work in the future.

Manage your time and finances:

Freelancing can require a lot of self-discipline, so make sure to manage your time well and keep track of your income and expenses for tax purposes.

Best Platforms for freelancing:

Upwork: Upwork is an emerging platform to start your freelancing career. Most of the finest freelancers started their careers from this platform. It is a highly recommended and secure platform for freelancers and clients because of its solid contract.  You may get start your career at

Fiver: Fiverr is an online platform where freelancers can offer their services to clients from all over the world. It was founded in 2010 and has since become one of the largest freelance marketplaces, with millions of registered users and transactions taking place on the platform. You may get start your career at

Facebook or Instagram pages:

One can also put their profile on their Facebook and Instagram pages, however, it is not secured. Some people may act as frauds by hiring freelancers, but not paying at the end, as they do not have any strong contracts.