Working Visa for Australia


Most people love living in Australia because Australia has many attractions, especially for young people and graduates. It is a country with beautiful land escape, sunny weather, Top class beaches. It is a fact that so many people from across the globe like to move to Australia because of its rich culture, friendly people, and magnificent job opportunities.

So, if you are the one who wants to get a working visa in Australia but doesn’t know about the process of getting a work visa, then you are in the right place. Here you will get all the information regarding working visas in Australia. 

If you are considering moving to work in Australia, many kinds of work visas allow you to live and work in Australia. Different types of work visas apply in different situations. So, here is the complete guide that will help you know how it works.

Working Visa in Australia a complete guide

Working Visa, what is it?

In Australia, a working visa is a trip that allows people who are not citizens of Australia and do not belong to some other country to visit and work while living in Australia. Many kinds of work visas are suitable for different kinds of situations. Some visas are employer-sponsored, and there are some visas you can apply for when you don’t have any job lined up in Australia before you arrive in the country. i.e., a working Holiday visa works for twelve months. You can apply for this Visa before you arrive in Australia.

So, if you want to work and live in Australia, you can get any work visa in the inside government migration program, but you must meet the eligibility criteria.

Kinds of Working Visas in Australia:

There are several kinds of work visas you can avail of; let’s see some of the common working visa types:

Australian Working Holiday visa:

This Visa allows people aged eighteen to thirty years to work and live in the country. The time it allows is up to twelve months. For this Visa, you don’t need to be skilled in any specific field or confirmed job before reaching Australia.  

Australian Employer Nomination Scheme Visa:

It is 186 permanent work visas for skilled workers who have sponsored employers. To qualify for this Visa, you need particular work experience in the field.

Australian Temporary Skill Shortage Visa:

This 482 temporary visa allows skilled people to work in Australia for four years. But the employer should have a sponsorship from an Australian employer. To get this Visa, you should have a work experience in a field where Australia has a shortage of current skills.

Australian skilled nominated working visa:

It is a 190-skilled work visa that allows the workers selected by the government agency to live and work in Australia permanently and will also select the person for the job(SOL). But to get this Visa, you must submit the skill assessment for your field.

Australian skilled independent Visa:

It is a 189-skilled independent visa allowing employers to work and live permanently anywhere in Australia. For this Visa, you don’t need any sponsorship, but you have to submit EOI, and the other condition is that the Australian government has invited you to apply for Visa. You must complete a skill assessment successfully to qualify for a 189 working visa.

What is the cost of an Australian work visa?

You must be thinking of the cost of a working Visa in Australia; it starts from AUD$ and ranges up to 4115$, the cost depends on the type of Visa you want to apply for, and if you want to take your family along with you, then you need some extra fees for getting their visas.

What is the time of processing for a working visa?

Another important thing you might be thinking of is how much time this process of Visa will take. It can be different, and it depends on the type of Visa and the applicant’s volume who applied for the Visa. You can get short-term visas like working holiday visas in less time, just a few weeks. But on the other hand, long-term visas get more time and can take up to two years.

You can get more information about working visas in Australia from the department of home affairs website. You can also get information from the Australian high commission near you. An immigration consulting firm in your country can also help you.


Going through the procedure mentioned above, you can get a working visa in Australia without any problem.

working Visa in Australia is a visit to a country that allows citizens of other countries to live and work in Australia. Working visas are of several kinds. You can get a working visa in the Australia side government migration program.

I hope this helps you understand the basic of working visa for Australia.