How to apply for the USA Immigration

How to apply for USA Immigration

The United States of America is considered one of the most attractive countries for people living all over the world. Many want to get into America due to its attractive environment, stable economy, peaceful people, and high living standards. 

People of every age want to get into America somehow. While talking to many people, I often went through a question about how to apply for US immigration.  Then I decided to write upon it for the people who desire to sneak into amerce and get difficulties in the application process.

In the article, you will go through a step-by-step tutorial to guide you regarding the process. The most common hurdle and problem for the applicants are the Visa. You will find ways to get it without difficulty by following the mentioned process. Let’s check the whole procedure in detail:

Consular Processing:  

There are two ways to apply for a green card: you must get a lawful and permanent resident status. If you are applying from a place not in the USA, you may apply to the US Department of State consulate to get an immigration visa, and by doing this, you want to get permanent residence in the USA. This procedure is called consular processing. And if you are already in the United States, you don’t need to go to your country for the completion of the process, and this process is known as the adjustment of states. According to American laws, people having criminal records or who have been involved in any terrorist activity are not eligible for immigration. 

By following these step-by-step procedures, you can get a perfect solution to how to apply for USA Immigration. So let’s see what these steps are.

•       Decide your Fundamental Principle to Immigrate:

 First, decide if you can get a green card, a lawful and permanent residence in the USA. Many people become eligible to apply for a USA green card because of a petition filed on their behalf by an employer or some family member. Sometimes people get permanent residence by getting asylum or with the help of others i.e., by the help of employment, family, special immigrant, trafficking and crime victim, as a victim of abuse, or through a registry, etc.

•       File the immigration petition:

When you understand the best category that suits you, you will need someone to file a petition for your immigration.

•       Petition for family-based immigration:

Suppose you are applying for a green card (lawful permanent immigration) on behalf of your family relationship. Then your relative, a permanent resident of the USA, will file a form that is an I-130 petition for an alien relative for you.

•       Immigrant Petition Based on Employment: 

Suppose you are the one who is applying on the base of your employment. Then your employer, a USA resident, will file a form I-140 petition for an alien worker.

•       Alien Entrepreneur’s petition:

If you want to invest a significant amount in some business in the United States and start a business, then you should file a form that is I-526, an immigrant petition by an Alien entrepreneur for you.

•       Some special categories: 

Some special categories allow you to apply for a green card; for this purpose, you may file I-360, petition for American, widow (err), and special immigrants form. And you can use it as:

• The widow(err) of a US citizen

• A self-petitioning spouse of a US lawful permanent resident.

• A self-petitioning child of an abusive US permanent resident.

• Self–petitioning parent of abusive US citizen son or daughter who is 21 years of age

• Special immigrants like Religious workers, family members of international organizations employee and NATO-6 employees, US armed forces members, Iraqi and Afghani nationals working for the USA, Broadcasters, USAGM, etc.

•       Humanitarian programs:

You do not need a petition in many humanitarian programs but must meet other requirements before applying for a green card.

You should consult the consulate before submitting a petition; you can get more information from the US department of state website.

•       Wait for the decision on the petition:

Suppose USCIS approves your petition and you live somewhere outside the USA. In that case, it may send the approval to the department of state’s visa center, and your petition will remain until you get your immigrant visa number. If it denies your petition, it will notify you about the decision, and the notice may include the reasons for denying your petition. You can also appeal the decision.

•       Wait for National Visa Center Notification:

NVC’s responsibility (National Visa Center) is to collect visa applications, Visa fees, and other supporting documents. NVC will send a notification to the petitioner as well as the legatees when it receives your visa petition. Both parties will get a notification through NVC when they get the Visa number. You will also get a notification when you submit your visa fees and other documents regarding your Visa.

·        Follow your appointment schedule.

After all the processes mentioned above, you will get your Visa ready. You will get a schedule for an interview from the consular office. Follow that appointment schedule and give the interview; please don’t lie and stay crystal-clear. After the interview, they will decide whether you are eligible to get the Visa or not.

·       Check visa information

After getting your Visa and other documents, check carefully whether all your information is correct. You can contact National Visa Center for the following reasons

  • If you are shifted from your place and want to change your address.
  • If you are grown up like you were under 23 while process, but now you become 22.
  • Your marital status is changed.

These changes can affect the availability of visas or can eligibility.  

But you don’t need to contact NVC for your petition because they contact you if they need any information.

•       When your Visa is Granted:

At the end of the process, the consular office will provide you Visa with a “Visa Packet,” which is not open, and will pay the USCIS immigration fee. Afterward, USICS will start working on your USCIS immigration visa packet. After the process, your green card process will begin. 

I request you pay the fees online and receive your visa packet. Once you enter the USA, give your visa packet to customs and border protection in the United States. 

•             Receive your Green Card:

After forty-five days of payment of USCIS immigration fees, you will receive the green Card. This Green Card will be helpful after getting into the United States. 

In the End

If you are also one of the people wondering How to apply for USA immigration, this article was for you. America is very attractive to almost every person who wants to improve his living standards. The stable dollar and growing economy is the most appealing feature of the united states, which attracts millions of people to America.

In the article, you went through the process of How to apply for US immigration. You will find no issues during the process if you haven’t skipped any step. Hopefully, the article was helpful. Stay connected for more exciting and helpful content.