Native App Developer job in Japan JPY4M-8M/year

April 13, 2023
JPY 4000000 - JPY 8000000 / year

Job Description

UNLOCK DESIGN is a recruiting agency in Japan that works with many Japanese companies who are either looking to begin expanding overseas or who are already global and boast multinational teams – this position is for one such company.

【Basic Information】
Company: FOVE
Position: Native App Developer
Apply From: Japan Only
Location: Tokyo
Salary: ¥4M – ¥8M
Language: English only (some Japanese nice to have)
Contract type: Permanent

Who we are

People are bound by various constraints. Distance. Physical Handicaps. Communication gaps. Human bias. And the limitations we put on ourselves. With the aid of XR, The things that used to confine us fade away, And one’s true potential can be realized. Together, let’s change “Can’t” into “Can”.

In our mission to unleash human ability, FOVE is constantly researching and developing cutting edge new technology. We believe Eye Tracking and VR/XR have huge potential to effect positive change in the world. In particular, we focus on building software and hardware to aid academic research, and are simultaneously expanding into the realm of preventative health care.

As a venture-backed technology company, things are always busy at FOVE. Everyone must wear many hats and be willing to lean new things constantly. However, in their core areas of competency, each person takes ownership and responsibility of their work, and has a significant degree of freedom in deciding how they go about it. Members are never micromanaged, are always expected to take pride in their work, and are expected to treat one another with mutual respect and dignity. This is especially important because our team is not just multidisciplinary, but multicultural.

FOVE believes that the growth of individuals with independence directly leads to the growth of the team and the company, and we are conscious of creating an environment where diversity is embraced regardless of nationality or gender, and where the development of individual skills can be sustained. On the other hand, we also place importance on teamwork to maximize the abilities of each individual, and believe that it is important to match the culture of each member and the direction that the company should aim for.

In addition, in the newest area of XR, which is expected to expand rapidly, the level of difficulty of the technical challenges required of engineers is generally high, and we believe that this is an interesting environment for engineers with a strong intellectual curiosity.

In the field of a rare startup that possesses unique technologies in both hardware and software, we believe that we have a great opportunity for you to join us and take on the world.

Why don’t you join us and take on the challenge of going global?

What we do

We manufacture the world’s first VR headset with eye-tracking technology, FOVE0, and also develop and sell a variety of applications that take advantage of our proprietary eye-tracking technology, and provide unique products in both XR hardware and software.

Healthcare Business FOVE has developed a cognitive function testing application that can measure cognitive function in about five minutes using only eye movements, and offers it mainly to medical institutions as the Cognitive Function Checker on its proprietary eye-tracking VR device. While most tests are mentally and physically burdensome for patients, this service has received high acclaim as a service that enables patients to grasp the state of their cognitive function in a short period of time by simply observing their line of sight.

Product Licensing Business Our gaze-tracking VR equipment can acquire data on the size and movement of the pupil and iris, as well as various eye movements. As the saying goes, “the eyes speak louder than the mouth,” and by visualizing and analyzing the user’s gaze in the VR space, we are able to provide a wide range of services such as marketing research, corporate training, and eye tracking.

By visualizing and analyzing the user’s gaze in a VR space, the system can be used for various purposes such as marketing research, corporate training, and testing equipment for various diseases. We are providing our self-developed VR equipment and related software to various companies, universities, and research institutes in Japan and overseas.

Roles and Responsibility

We are looking for talented individuals who can create VR applications using game engines and C / C ++ APIs.

Under the direct supervision of the CTO, you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of applications related to our VR headset products as a native application developer on the software team.

You will also be involved in the development of new headset prototypes and products in cooperation with the hardware team.

Specific duties include

  • Development of new functions within our Cognitive Function Self-Checker service
  • Improvement and maintenance of existing functions in our Cognitive Function Self-Checker service
  • Development of VR applications to meet clients needs

Development Division Under the leadership of the CTO, we have three teams: a software team, a hardware team, and a research team. The CTO is from the U.S., and we also have engineers from France and India, making us a multinational team.

Minimum Requirements

  • Proficiency in C++ and C#
  • Experience with game engines, especially but not limited to Unity and Unreal.
  • Understanding of UX/UI design principles.
  • Technical communication skills in English

Preferred Requirements

  • Familiarity with Linux (bash, systemd, etc), Git, Continuous Integration, Scripting (eg. Python), and rendering is helpful.
  • Japanese language ability

Who you are

  • Eager to continue learning new things
  • Comfortable working as a generalist and doing different things
  • Proactive

Tech Stacks

  • C/C++, C#
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Linux (bash, systemd, etc)
  • Git
  • Continuous Integration
  • Scripting (eg. Python)


Conditions / Benefits

Employment type: Full-time employee

Location: 3-51-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo #604

・7 minutes walk from Takeshita Exit of JR Harajuku Station

・4 minutes walk from Exit 2 of Tokyo Metro Kitasando Station

・Remote work available (Hybrid)

Office in US: 21171 S. Western Ave., Suite 2839, Torrance CA, 90501

Annual Salary: 4,000,000 – 8,000,000 JPY

・Stock options: After a certain period of employment, stock options will be granted based on ability and skills.

Hours: Flextime system

・Core time: 10:00 – 15:00

Probation: 3 months


・Commuting allowance

・Health insurance

・Employment insurance


・Workers comp

・Congratulation and condolence leave

・Paid holidays: 3 days immediately after joining the company, 7 days after 3 months, and 20 days per year thereafter

Interview Process * CV Screening

  • Coding Test
  • 1st Interview (CTO)
  • Final Interview (CTO or CEO + 1 or 2 engineers)

・May be offline * Offer

Process subject to change


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