Drone Control Engineer jobs in Japan JPY3.5M-5M/year

April 12, 2023
JPY 3500000 - JPY 5000000 / year

Job Description

UNLOCK DESIGN is a recruiting agency in Japan that works with many Japanese companies who are either looking to begin expanding overseas or who are already global and boast multinational teams – this position is for one such company.

【Basic Information】
Company: Spiral
Position: Web Application Software Engineer
Apply From: Overseas OK (relocate to Japan)
Location: Tokyo
Salary: 3.5 ~ 5M yen
Language: Business level English
Contract type: Permanent

Who we are

Spiral is an engineering company that connects “people and people” and “technology and technology” to create value that does not exist in the world.

Voices calling for services that are individually optimized are spreading rapidly due to rapid population and social structure changes. Innovations in essential element technologies, such as AI, information processing, and miniaturization, are progressing and making the practical use of robots that learn and provide services to humans a reality.

Robotics technology supports people’s happiness (individual desires) through automation and optimization, and it is expected that a future where humans and robots coexist will come. We have a long-term vision of realizing such a society on a space scale using flying robots.

However, we feel that the development of robots such as current indoor drones is not accompanied by products and services tailored to the field. This is our sense of mission as a developer, production engineer, and technical salesperson who has been involved in the robotics industry for more than 10 years.

At Spiral, with a mission to become a savior for “on-site technicians” considering the introduction of autonomous flying drones for “indoor” use and vision to realize a society where humans and robots coexist on a cosmic scale, we emphasize research and development from the field perspective and continue to create values that are not found in the world in collaboration with field technicians.

Roles and Responsibility

In this role, you will develop innovative control tech for drones in non-GPS environments. No prior drone experience is needed, as long as you have experience with robot/embedded control systems. Our customers come from Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Luxembourg, & France. So, for this role, you will design and develop control algorithms for a range of drones and have an understanding of the challenges posed by non-GPS environments.

Our engineering team is comprised of professionals from all around the world, including Rwanda, Pakistan, India, the UK, and many other countries. Not only do we provide the best environment for those seeking to gain engineering experience in English, but we also strive to be a great opportunity for those aspiring to work for foreign-affiliated companies in the future.

You will join a team of engineers and technologists to create next-gen drone tech. So, you will be required to stay informed of drone industry developments and stay ahead of the curve.

As Drone Controller Engineer, you will mainly be in charge of the development of drone control middleware/software using C/C++/python and image processing

Minimum Requirements

  • Basic knowledge (PID control, feedback control, response evaluation, etc.) and working experience (5+ years) in real-time object control, including embedded systems

Preferred Requirements

  • Experience in object control using microcontrollers or board PCs (Jetson) (flying objects are a plus)
  • Software design and coding for real-time control
  • Experience in controlling objects using image sensors (e.g. cameras) (flying objects are a plus)
  • Experience with basics of image recognition technology and libraries such as OpenCV
  • Experience in assembling robots and control devices (including experiments)

We are looking for someone

  • Who is proactive and strongly passionate about creating new value and value that does not exist in the world
  • Who wants to work with engineers of different backgrounds in English (90% of our team consists of engineers from overseas)

Tech Stacks

  • C、C++、C#、Python
  • Windows
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • OpenCV
  • ROS
  • GitHub

Conditions / Benefits

Employment type: Permanent

Location: Tokyo, Katsushika-ku, Horikiri, 2-49-2 (Horikiri Development Base)

  • 6 minutes walk from Horikiri-Shobuen Station via Keisei main line

Annual Salary: 3.5M ~ 5M yen

Hours: 9:00~

・Flextime system

・Transportation expenses

・Health insurance

・Company housing available for rent

・Housing allowance provided (with a limit)

・Visa Support

・Unlimited coffee and water ・Quiet environment in a residential area where you can focus on development

Interview Process * CV Screening

  • 1st interview (with the representative director)
  • 2nd Interview (if necessary)
  • Offer


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