Delivery Driver job in Singapore SGD2800/month

May 14, 2023
SGD 2800 - SGD 2800 / month

Job Description

Job Title

Delivery Driver

We are looking for a Delivery Driver

Job Responsibilities:

Conduct SKU check and Quantity tallying against the Delivery order during pick up/ collection at any point.

Conduct visual external all kind of packaging etc: – palletize / skid / carton / box inspection to ensure collected goods are in good transportation conditions (no obvious torn or no dented cartons)

Perform Loading and unloading of Import / export shipments / orders either by warehouse personal or using hand pallet jack by driver or loose loading / unloading of all kind of packaging etc: palletize / skid / cartons / boxes into truck or stack on the pallets.

Driver to performing shrink wrap and secure the goods onto the pallet. This is to prevent the goods from toppling during transport or loading progress.

All goods loaded onto our truck for transporting, driver must ensure all goods are properly secured with lashing belt or ropes. (Avoid the goods falling on the road during transport)

Driver ensures DO / goods are delivered in accordance to scheduled timeline and safely reach (retailer / warehouse / consumer).

When Driver encounters any issue on receiving end, driver must notify controller on the issues raise. Controller will coordinate with customer to resolve these issues swiftly. Waiting time might take up more than half an hour. (Driver must be patient and wait for further instruction by controller).

Able to handle Free Trade Zone requirement by sea / by air deliveries of goods and handling over export goods / clearance import goods at Free trade zone with proper documentation and goods guidance processes.

Ensuring that vehicles are kept in appropriate operation readiness condition. Driver to report any defects to controller (normal daily inspection checking on coolant water, battery level, brake functioning, tires pressure, all light is functioning well) to reduce the breakdown of vehicle downtime (daily checklist to be shared).

Driving in a safe courteous, and legal manner at all times.

Driver is required to Collect and return stock to warehouse back to receiving personnel in charge (Return / collection DN to be signed by receiver).

Experience and able to drive hand trucks, pallet jacks for loading / unloading of goods from truck to designated area During the loading / unloading of goods encounter any problem, driver is encouraged to seek for assistance and support from controller / superior or site operations personal.

Professional and pleasant disposition, able to give all clients a positive customer service experience at all times.

Company truck is representing company branding on the road. Reputation / safe driving on the road is important.

Driver to perform Ad-Hoc duties at any time assigned by planner or management.

Other Essential Attributes

Must have a valid driver’s license- class 4 (with 2 years experienced)

Must have a clean driving record with no moving violations.

Proficient at operating 24 foot trucks

Physically fit and strong, able to lift up or carry loads =<20kg comfortably.

Experience in using hand trucks, pallet jacks and forklifts a plus.

Professional and pleasant disposition, able to give all clients a positive customer service experience.

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