Jean Carlo Malonda

$2230 / month
July 29, 1999
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As an IT professional with experience in both software test engineering and technical sales, I possess a unique combination of technical expertise and sales skills. I have a strong background in designing and developing test plans, identifying software defects, conducting functional, regression, performance, and security testing, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure high-quality software products. In addition, my experience in technical sales has equipped me with the ability to communicate complex technical concepts, build and maintain relationships, and execute effective sales strategies. With my proactive problem-solving skills and dedication to customer service, I am well-equipped to contribute to the success of any organization.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2015-2019
Lyceum of the Philippines University - Laguna

Work & Experience

Test Engineer Dec 2018 - May 2019
Advanced World Systems, Inc.

As a Test Engineer, my role is pivotal in ensuring the quality and reliability of software applications. I am responsible for designing and implementing comprehensive test strategies, plans, and cases to evaluate software functionality, performance, and security. By conducting meticulous testing, documenting defects, and collaborating with development teams, I contribute to the overall success of software projects. My ability to identify and resolve issues, along with my expertise in test automation and regression testing, helps deliver high-quality software products. Additionally, my proactive approach to continuous improvement and effective communication with stakeholders makes me an integral part of the software development process.

Sales Technology Jan 2020
Store974 Qatar

As an IT Sales professional, my main responsibility is to sell technology products, services, and solutions to businesses and consumers. This involves actively prospecting and generating leads, building and maintaining strong client relationships, and executing sales strategies to achieve or exceed sales targets. I conduct in-depth market research and leverage industry knowledge to identify potential customers and target markets, while also understanding their specific needs and business objectives. Through product demonstrations and presentations, I effectively communicate the value and benefits of the IT solutions I offer, tailored to the audience's level of understanding. Exceptional customer service and relationship-building are crucial aspects of my role, as I strive to provide a positive experience for clients and address any feedback or concerns. Negotiation skills come into play during deal discussions, where I effectively communicate pricing, terms, and contractual agreements. By staying updated with the latest technology trends and developments, I position myself as a trusted advisor, providing informed recommendations and advice to clients. Ultimately, my goal as an IT Sales professional is to identify opportunities, build strong client relationships, present compelling technology solutions, and close deals to drive revenue growth and contribute to the success of both clients and the organization I represent.

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