Waiters Jobs in Asir Region, Saudi Arabia

February 19, 2023

Job Description

Global Professional Resources Phil Incorporation is not a company or organization that I am familiar with. It’s possible that the company has a different name, or it may be a small, local business that does not have a significant online presence. The corporation is hiring candidates for the post of Waiter. There are merely 10 vacancies available for the position. Further details regarding the job are given below.




The company offers a salary package of SAR 1,700 – 2,000 per month


  • Competitive Salary

Job Duties of a Waiter

  1. Greeting customers: Waiters are typically the first point of contact for customers when they enter the restaurant, so it’s important to make a good first impression by welcoming them and making them feel comfortable.
  2. Taking orders: Waiters are responsible for taking orders from customers and relaying them to the kitchen or bar staff. They should be able to answer any questions about the menu and provide recommendations based on the customer’s preferences.
  3. Serving food and drinks: Once the order is ready, the waiter will serve the food and drinks to the customer. They may need to carry multiple plates or glasses at a time, so it’s important to have good hand-eye coordination and balance.
  4. Checking on customers: Throughout the meal, the waiter should check in with the customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their food and drinks. If there are any issues, the waiter should try to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  5. Processing payments: When the customers are ready to leave, the waiter will process their payment and provide them with a receipt. They may also need to make changes or process credit card payments.
  6. Cleaning and resetting tables: After the customers leave, the waiter will need to clean the table, reset the place settings, and prepare it for the next customer.
  7. Additional duties: Depending on the restaurant, waiters may also be responsible for other tasks such as restocking supplies, helping with food prep, or assisting with special events or promotions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A minimum of 2 years of working experience is required.
  • No minimum educational attainment is required for the position.
  • Male applicants are preferred for this role.

Last Date for Applying

The final date for applying for this position is March 19, 2023

How to Apply

  • Interested contenders can apply by clicking on apply button.
  • For more updates please see our website at boardofjobs.com
  • Applicants should apply with full documents according to the job requirement to avoid ambiguity. Carefully fill out the application form so that, the company can effortlessly access you and your application is not left out.
  • The company will contact the selected candidates.
  • This job includes no placement expense.

Job Location

Abha, Asir Region, Saudi Arabia