Software Developer job in the United States

March 19, 2023
USD 80000 - USD 100000 / year

Job Description

Software Developer job in the United States. Contiem is a global leader in providing services and component content management solutions.  They are seeking talented candidates for the position of Software Developer. candidates must hold experience in a similar field. Additional details related to the job are shown below.


 Software Developer


The salary package offered by the firm for this position is 80,000 – $100,000 per year.

Role of a Software Developer

Some of the important duties of this position are as follows.

  • Support the data needs of the project by developing table and XML models.
  • Implementing Mark Logic server code extensions in XQuery.
  • Building and maintaining systems to configure and deploy artifacts to MarkLogic.
  • Developing and maintaining middle layer services using .NET REST APIs and C#.
  • Building and maintaining screens for the workflow system client that connects via HTTP through the data-abstraction layer to the MarkLogic backend.


  • great atmosphere and comfortable working conditions
  • growth opportunities
  • Attractive salary.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested persons should have the knowledge and experience in these

  • U.S. citizenship.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a technical field.
  • 5+ years of experience as a software developer or system administrator.
  • Strong experience with the Mark Logic database.
  • Experience with XQuery, XPath, and related technology.
  • Experience contributing to design discussions and understanding UX principles.
  • General experience with multiple languages.
  • Knowledge of XML In a publishing environment using C# XML objects.
  • Knowledge of HTTP calls in the .NET environment.

Last Date for Applying

The final date to apply for this position is 15 June 2023

How to Apply

  • Interested Candidates can apply by clicking on apply button.
  • For further job updates please check out our website at
  • Applicants should apply with complete papers associated with the job position to evade obscurity. Carefully fill out the application form so that, the firm can access you and your application is not left out.
  • The firm will call the shortlisted candidates.

Job Location

 This job is provided by a firm located in Orlando, FL United States.