Senior Developer / Programmer job in Australia AUD100k/year

June 13, 2024
AUD 100000 - AUD 100000 / year

Job Description

Senior Developer / Programmer job in Australia

Working with Appscore and Appscore’s clients current technology, platflorms, software, specifications and modelling to develop program code.
Produce program code ensuring it achieves the desired outcome as set out in analysis and specifications.
Identify areas for improvement, and or areas of concern or limitations with specifications and expected outcomes.
Write maintainable code for all client and Trideca websites and software applications. Ensure Trideca coding standards are maintained.
Ensure extensive testing, debugging and error fixing of all code developed, and existing, for clients and Appscore
Write, update and maintain technical program, end user documentation and operational procedures.
Providing Trideca Client teams with advice, guidance and expertise in developing proposals and strategies for Trideca clients software.


Magento Certification is highly regarded
Bachelor Degree in IT or Software Development, relevant industry certification/s or 5+ years of relevant work experience.

Minimum 5 year + specific Magento v1 & v2 experience
Cloud Experience – Azure or AWS, GCP
Application programming in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & MySQL

Familiar with and have delivered Magento2 Checkout enhancements / complete checkout replacements.
Expert-level knowledge of Magento2 content management & deployment processes.
Expertise with Magento2 architectural patterns, (correct usage of Service Contracts, @api, DI, etc) Google Tag Manager Experience working in a SCRUM environment.
Extremely confident with composer-based dependency management, (no app/code work here). Extremely familiar with Magento2 template system and build process.
Happy and willing to conform to Magento2 coding standards (and know when not to).
Ability to manage their own working environment in a Windows base, (Vagrant/Docker/Etc). Will create smart tests, (unit & “thin integration”).

Senior Developer / Programmer

Trideca PTY LTD

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