Registered Nurse Jobs in the New York, USA

February 20, 2023

Job Description

Ipeople Manpower Resources Inc. is a recruitment agency based in the Philippines that specializes in providing recruitment and staffing solutions to companies both locally and internationally. The company was founded in 1999 and has since established a reputation for its commitment to providing high-quality and reliable service to clients. The services offered by Ipeople Manpower Resources Inc. include sourcing, screening, and recruiting qualified candidates for various job positions, such as office staff, skilled and unskilled workers, technical and non-technical staff, and executives, among others. They also offer other HR-related services, including training and development, payroll management, and employee engagement. The company is hiring candidates for the post of a registered nurse. Further details regarding the post are given below.


Registered Nurse


The salary package offered by the company is USD 4,416 per month

Role of a Registered Nurse

  1. Patient care: Registered nurses are responsible for assessing, monitoring, and documenting patient conditions, administering medications, treatments, and therapies as ordered by physicians, and providing wound care, among other duties.
  2. Patient education: RNs educate patients and their families about their conditions, treatment options, and preventative care. They may also provide guidance on healthy living and self-care.
  3. Collaboration: Registered nurses work closely with other healthcare professionals, including physicians, other nurses, and allied health professionals, to develop and implement patient care plans.
  4. Administrative duties: RNs also complete various administrative tasks, such as maintaining patient records, ordering and maintaining medical supplies, and managing other paperwork.
  5. Patient advocacy: RNs serve as patient advocates, ensuring that patients receive the care and resources they need to promote their health and wellbeing.
  6. Leadership and management: In some cases, RNs may also serve in leadership and management roles, supervising other nurses, delegating tasks, and managing other aspects of patient care.
  7. Continuing education: Registered nurses are required to maintain their licensure through ongoing continuing education and training to stay current with advancements in healthcare and nursing practices.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A minimum of 2 years of working experience is required.
  • Candidates must be a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Nursing.
  • NCLEX-RN Passer, no years of gap experienced.

Last Date for Applying

The final date for applying for this position is March 21, 2023

How to Apply

  • Interested contenders can apply by clicking on apply button.
  • For more updates please see our website at
  • Applicants should apply with full documents according to the job requirement to avoid ambiguity. Carefully fill out the application form so that, the company can effortlessly access you and your application is not left out.
  • The company will contact the selected candidates.
  • This job contains no placement fee.

Job Location

East New York, New York, USA