Fabricator Jobs in Mackay, Australia

March 12, 2023
$81000 - $82000 / year

Job Description

PRINCIPALIA Management and Personnel Consultants INC are one of the most prominent firms serving in Australia. They are aiming to hire candidates for the position of Fabricator. Candidates must hold experience as Fabricator. There are only 8 vacancies available for the post. Further details concerning the job are provided below.




The salary package offered by the firm for a Fabricator is AUD 81,000 – 82,000 per year.

Job Duties of a Fabricator

Some of the essential tasks of a Fabricator are the following.

  1. Reading and analyzing technical drawings, blueprints, and specifications.
  2. Selecting and preparing the right raw materials for the job.
  3. Operating different tools and machines such as saws, drills, lathes, and welding equipment.
  4. Measuring and cutting materials to the demanded dimensions and specifications.
  5. Welding, brazing, or soldering parts together to make them into a finished product.
  6. Grinding, sanding, or polishing surfaces to attain a smooth finish.
  7. Inspecting finished products to ensure they meet quality measures and specifications.
  8. Maintaining and repairing equipment and tools as required.
  9. Collaborating with other team fellows or branches to ensure projects are completed on time and to the required standards.
  10. Maintaining a clean and safe work atmosphere and following safety protocols and practices.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 4 years of working experience as Fabricator.
  • Graduate of a four-year undergraduate course.
  • Must have a valid passport and can speak English.

Last Date for Applying

The final date for applying for this job is April 8, 2023

How to Apply

  • Interested contenders can apply by clicking on apply button.
  • For further updates please check out our website at boardofjobs.com
  • Applicants should apply with full papers linked to the job conditions to avoid ambiguity. Carefully fill out the application document so that, the corporation can effortlessly access you and your application is not left out.
  • The management will get the selected contenders.

Job Location

Mackay, Queensland, Australia, Zip Code: 4740