Executive Chef job in USA USD100000-110000/year

May 5, 2023
USD 100000 - USD 110000 / year

Job Description

Job Title.

Executive chef

We are looking for a experienced Executive chef.

Job Description

Salary, Bonus and Benefits
Must have Fine Dining

Reporting to the Executive Culinary Leader, the Culinary Leader will be responsible for leading a team and maintaining food quality, consistency, inventory, and cost.


Executive chef

Champions the brand’s vision and values and contribute to a culture of positivity and high standards where all employees CHASE perfection in everything they do Create an environment that is warm, welcoming and filled with positivity for guests and employees Uphold our standards at all times and treat everyone with courtesy and respect Communicates with chef/sous chef and other Team Members to learn of daily menu needs, events, and important shift information. Conducts walk-through of restaurant upon arrival to assess cleanliness and determine restaurant readiness; assesses stock and production status; determines production needs; visits each station to assess quality of previous night’s close and quality of remaining product and communicates this with other Team Members and Restaurant /Kitchen Leaders. Conducts walk-throughs during each shift in order to monitor each station’s product quality, the status of production, and ingredient supply (including walk-in refrigerator). Ensures stations are appropriately staffed and stocked before the restaurant opens and throughout shifts. Conducts uniform and line check at the start of and throughout each shift. Executes staff schedules; ensures that all stations are appropriately staffed for the shift; ensures a smooth shift change following established procedures; assesses stations that need additional support and jumps in; phases out extra scheduled staff as volume permits; runs labour reports and enters staff schedule changes, adjusts clock in/out errors of Team Members when necessary. Communicates with Team Members and other Restaurant /Kitchen Leaders to plan and set expectations for the shift. Communicates with Restaurant /Kitchen Leaders to ensure required prep work is completed for each shift. Ensures proper safety and sanitation procedures are upheld by all Team Members; ensures safe and sanitary workstations and walk-in. Reads and writes notes in Manager’s Log, on waste sheets, etc. Reviews all daily and weekly reports (e.g., actual vs. projected report, production sheets, inventory/invoices, daily detailed labor report), and communicates restaurant’s results. Achieves continual growth in operational standards as demonstrated by improved efficiency and quality of food and kitchen operations. Ensures benchmarks are achieved for Team Member development and retention. Performs various human resource functions; sources qualified candidates from the local area; holds departmental meetings to give direction and provide information to Team Members; observes Team Members’ on-the-job performance and conducts kitchen Team Member performance evaluations; is accountable for kitchen hiring, routine written performance appraisals, discipline and terminations. Final interviews for all HOH non-management hires (Management hires passed on to HR Director for final interview) Teaches culinary skills and proper technique, trains and supervises team members on all restaurant procedures; teaches and coaches while correcting Team Members; helps create and maintain written goals and benchmarks for self and Team Member development, analyzes the performance of Team Members while on the job. Helps achieve profit objectives by measuring and managing food, waste and labor costs and controllable expenses; analyzes production sheets; minimizes waste and labor costs; monitors receivable pricing and makes price changes when necessary; checks specs on deliveries; understands and achieves financial goals. Checks portioning, garnishing, temperature, taste, and appearance of food to ensure quality and recipe adherence. Researches ingredients and ideas and leads menu development along with the Executive Chef. Operates and maintains the working order of all equipment in the kitchen; troubleshoots equipment, and organizes repairs and maintenance. Is responsible for kitchen inventory and purchasing; ensures that there is enough product on hand to complete daily production; orders new stock; purchases special order supplies if necessary; ensures proper rotation and labeling of ingredients and products. Understands the Health and Safety protocols and regulations that apply to the workplace and ensures that the standards are met by all employees. Up to date on all COVID-19 Health and Safety procedures and ensuring that all employees comply. Understands and interprets P&Ls and other financial statements. Interacts with FOH Team Members and Guests by greeting them, providing service, answering questions, solving problems, and handling complaints. Manages freezer and walk-in, assesses first use needs in walk-in to ensure reduced product waste; ensures all freezer pulls are performed pro-actively. Protects the integrity of all recipes and procedures. Follows established procedures to obtain results and ensures proper opening and closing procedures and proper station set-up compliance. Adjusts PAR levels as appropriate; ensures accuracy of production sheets; anticipates and communicates production changes to Team Members immediately. Reviews invoices to ensure accuracy, correcting errors if necessary.


4+ years of Culinary management experience in a comparable restaurant Fully understand and embody can-do attitude, demonstrating a level of passion and dedication where no task is beneath you. Thrive in a collaborative environment A proactive team player that embodies our spirit of entrepreneurship and mutual respect Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment Ability to lead and motivate others, and build a diverse and effective team. A proactive team player that embodies our spirit of entrepreneurship and mutual respect Strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities Results-oriented and impeccably organized Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment Have extensive knowledge on cooking temperatures and general food safety regulations Demonstrates exceptional energy and stamina; upholds the highest quality standards for food, service and financial management and kitchen operations. Excellent food preparation techniques and strong attention to detail Culinary degree/diploma and/or the equivalent in education and experience is an asset Full time flexible hours are required (days, nights, weekends, holidays) Results-oriented and impeccably organized WHAT WE OFFER:
Medical, Dental & Life insurance (Employee ONLY coverage is 100% covered ) Opportunities to grow and develop your career with our ever-growing company Tuition and Professional Certification Program Assistance Pet Insurance available for all employees ClassPass Wellness/Fitness Program provided 50% Discounts at all full-service concepts

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