Career in Amazon web services (AWS)

In this blog, we’ll explore the career in Amazon web Services (AWS) and how to start. As technology continues to advance, more and more companies are turning to cloud-based solutions to manage their data and infrastructure. AWS is one of the leading cloud platforms, providing businesses with a range of powerful tools and services. With its ever-growing popularity, pursuing a career in AWS can be a smart move for anyone interested in the technology industry.

Why Choose a Career in AWS?

AWS is the most widely adopted cloud platform in the world. It offers businesses and organizations the ability to run their applications and services on a secure and reliable platform. As a result, AWS skills are in high demand, with many companies looking for individuals who can effectively manage their cloud infrastructure.

There are several reasons why you might consider pursuing a career in Amazon Web Services (AWS):

  1. High Demand: As more companies move their operations to the cloud, the demand for AWS professionals continues to grow. AWS is one of the top-paying certifications, with an average salary of $129,868 per year.
  2. Wide Range of Career Paths: AWS offers a variety of roles, including cloud architects, developers, security specialists, database administrators, and more. This means there are many paths to choose from based on your interests and skillset.
  3. Continuous Learning: AWS is constantly evolving, with new tools and services being added regularly. This means that there is always something new to learn and room to grow in your career.

Career Paths in AWS

  1. As a Cloud Architect, the responsibility lies in designing and implementing cloud-based solutions. In addition, comprehending business requirements and translating them into technical requirements. This requires the selection of appropriate AWS services and managing the overall architecture.
  2. Developers in AWS, on the other hand, are accountable for creating and deploying applications and services in the cloud. Developers accomplish this by utilizing programming languages. For example Python, Java, and Node.js and working with AWS tools, including AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Amazon EC2.
  3. Ensuring that the cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant with industry regulations is the primary focus of Security Specialists in AWS. They achieve this by implementing security measures like access controls, encryption, and network security.
  4. Database Administrators in AWS manage and maintain databases in the cloud, which involves configuring, optimizing, and monitoring databases using AWS services like Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift.

AWS offers a wide range of career paths, each with their own unique skill requirements and responsibilities. Here are some of the most popular roles in AWS:

Getting Started in AWS

To start a career in AWS, it is important to have a strong understanding of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services. Here are some steps to start:

  1. To learn the basics of AWS, you can enroll in various training and certification programs, such as the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. By completing these programs, you can establish a strong foundation in cloud computing and the various services offered by AWS.
  2. If you want to get hands-on experience with AWS, you can work on personal projects or participate in hackathons. You can also contribute to open-source projects, which will allow you to hone your skills and gain practical experience.
  3. In addition to practical experience, it’s also important to connect with other professionals in the field. You can join online communities like the AWS Community, AWS User Group, and AWS Developer Community to learn from other professionals and share your experiences.
  4. Once you feel confident in your skills, you can start applying for entry-level positions in AWS, such as AWS Cloud Support Associate, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, or Cloud Systems Administrator. By doing so, you can gain valuable experience and continue to build your skills in a professional setting.


A career in AWS offers many opportunities for growth and learning in the technology industry. With the right skills and knowledge, you can become an in-demand professional in cloud computing and help businesses of all sizes manage their infrastructure.

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